Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Doteasy Ownership

Yes many people probably have issues with the very poor way runs its business & Services.
Likewise it is the same poor group of people that run and In2net Networks.

It is a bunch of chinese-canadians that run this out of a basement with each one taking turns to answer the phone, and then making up different names you try and speak with someone...
You've probably heard 'Bernard' pick up the phone every time you call in,...or other times 'Eileen'.  But they can never let you talk to anyone else at the company b/c the need to have a 'supervisor' call you back...

Very strange indeed.
Well they offer no refunds once they mess up your service.  Which basically means you are SOL, they just keep telling to you repost.

The service is horrible, the experience is worse.  While GoDaddy/ Tucows, & any other respectable business will show who the owners hide behind the corporate name.  So good luck trying to find anything about them.

I encourage you to add to this post if you find out more information as well.  But in terms of contacts here is what I have found out already:
In2Net Networks Corporation:


  • 5

  • 15

  • $510,840

  • Also Johnny Tam and Richard Wong are people associated with the company with their titles not yet known.

    Business Building 210-3602 Gilmore Way

    BurnabyBC V5G 4W9

    The address is the same one for each company by the way!


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